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Crawford Broadcasting Company has expanded its format to include Conservative News Talk. Crawford Broadcasting is recognized as a trailblazer in Talk Radio. The company was one of the first to air Conservative News Talk on FM! Crawford Broadcasting has found a loyal, conservative, Christian based audience. With an emphasis on Live and Local, Crawford Broadcasting is making an impact in local markets that satellite fed shows find impossible to do. Also, with seasoned Talkers like Bob Dutko, Crawford Broadcasting makes way for intra-company syndication. God and Country is the pulse of every Crawford Broadcasting Radio Station. You’ll hear God’s Word, the Star Spangled Banner and the Pledge of Allegiance on Crawford stations daily! While most broadcast companies bombard their audiences with a liberal agenda…Crawford Broadcasting continues to STAND for what is RIGHT. Radio by the people. For the people!


Bob Dutko fearlessly defends the Christian faith everyday using science, logic, history, factual evidence and intellectual reasoning to show the truth of Jesus Christ and the reliability of God’s Word. Bob also explores the world of politics, culture and society from a conservative perspective through the lens of Scripture. He has engaged in countless debates with the world’s top experts in atheism, skepticism, other religions, abortion advocates, gay groups, liberal leaders and more. As host of “The Bob Dutko Show” from WMUZ in Detroit and “Defending the Truth” on Crawford Broadcasting Company stations nationwide, Bob is the most listened to Christian talk show host in Michigan and one of the largest and most researched in America. He came to Crawford Broadcasting in 2000 after serving as National Press Secretary for Christian Coalition under Pat Robertson. Bob has been married 31 years and has had 6 sons and one daughter who suddenly and unexpectedly collapsed and died in Bob’s arms at age 17.

You can hear Bob’s show on WMUZ from 12:00noon-4:00pm Eastern Time.


Thirty years ago Michael Hart was a flat broke, high school drop-out pushing a lawn mower in Alabama for 6 bucks an hour. With no education or direction he eventually fell into a life of drugs and alcohol… bouncing from one menial job after the other.

Drunk, broke and lost… Michael’s life surely seemed destined for the scrap heap… But luckily the Lord had other plans for his life. In his mid twenties Michael would marry and start a family… This new found responsibility was the impetus to turn his life around. Through much prayer and soul searching he fought back his addictions and turned his life around. Michael embarked on a journey of discovery and self education. He eventually went into straight commission sales which gave birth to a successful speaking and consulting career focused on small business growth.

As a small business owner and father Michael developed an interest in Politics, economics and world events. He began to actively participate in local politics. As his speaking career continued to blossom Michael began speaking out on issues that affect not only business owners, but parents, and Christians alike.

Then on September 11, 2001 Michael’s speaking career suffered a serious setback when the terror of that day all but ended the seminar industry for a prolonged period of time. Michael returned to sales and after several years began yearning again for a microphone. He began his radio career in 2003 with a business oriented program in Birmingham Alabama. This program not only allowed him to speak to business issues but also voice his opinions from time to time on Politics, Money, Parenting, and Culture.

Eventually Michael’s program abandoned its exclusive business focus and shifted entirely to the challenges that face our Nation, State, Families and Churches… Michael’s opinions were so passionate, direct and popular that in 2009 Crawford Broadcasting Company invited him join their family and share his thoughts daily to their growing audience of passionate, loyal, Christian, Conservatives… …Michael accepted and the Michael Hart Show was born!

You can hear Michael from 7:00-9:00pm Central Time on Superstation 101 every weekday.


A life-long capital region resident, Ted has spent 30 years in radio broadcasting, including stints at news-talk stations WGY AND WROW.  He earned an Associate’s Degree at Schenectady County Community College and a one-year certificate from Adirondack Community College, where he was named college “Broadcaster of the Year.”  He is married to Natasha and has four children, Madeline, Isabelle, Isaac and Micah.  Ted and his family attend H.O.P.E. (House of Prayer and Expectation) Fellowship Church in Bennington, VT. Interests include: politics, sports, and bass fishing.

You can hear Ted’s program at 8:00am Eastern Time on WDCD.


John Rush been on the Radio since 1997 as the host of Drive Radio, a car repair show where there are no dumb questions. But over the past year, John has taken to the airwaves with his Christian Conservative worldview. As a small business owner for over 30 years, he keeps an objective view on every topic addressed on air. He always steps back to take the big picture view, and doesn’t hesitate to call out weak leadership no matter the party affiliation. John keeps God at the front of every discussion, and believes that we can’t change as a country without a spiritual revival. Listen daily on KLZ 560 from 3:00 – 6:00 pm(MT) as John and his guests, as well as you the listener, will put “reason” into the topics that affect our Country, our State and most importantly You!


Roger is a lifelong Southern California resident who tends to lean more on the conservative side of the political equation, but is open to thoughtful (wise) and respectful (considerate) debate.

Roger completed his undergraduate studies in Business Administration at Cal State Fullerton, and Business Management at Azusa Pacific University. He is currently anticipating graduation from Niagara Lutheran Theological Institute, at which point he will become an ordained minister (Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ).

In 1983 Roger launched his radio career, adding network television responsibilities in October of 1992, and since then has been involved with network television commercial billboards (“sponsored by”) for the FOX network.

Roger is currently Host of “The Bottom Line” on KBRT, highlighting current events with a Biblical World view and breaking them down to the bottom line – no opinionated spins, no bias, and no over-sensationalized opinions – just the hard facts with solid focus on truth.

There’s so much in the media about all of the problems in the world today; “The Bottom Line” is about solutions. This isn’t a question of “Us vs. Them” anymore. “The Bottom Line” features informative, topical and thought-provoking conversation to help listeners get a better understanding of why you believe what you believe, and how to live out that faith to help others.

Roger has been blessed with two daughters, one son, a son-in-law and one “son-in-law-in-training.” He is a passionate Baseball fan, especially of his beloved Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.
You can Listen to “The Bottom Line” on KBRT 740-AM every Weekday at 3 pm and Sunday at 6:30 am.

You can Listen to “The Bottom Line” on KBRT 740-AM every Weekday at 3 pm and Sunday at 6:30 am(PT).